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Pioneering connectivity concepts have propelled Sunway Communication into a global leader. With a broad range of products covering most of the transmit and receive chains, we understand the system impact of each critical component we supply. Our global customer base across multiple industries has made us experts in products for virtually any system: Bluetooth, WiFi, GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou, etc.), NFC, and of course the various cellular standards like 4G LTE and 5G with MIMO incl. related mm-wave components. Also wireless charging (WPT) has become a desired feature, and Sunway has grown to become a dominant supplier. Most of our products are customized to meet specific performance requirements for smartphones, smart watches, tablets, trackers, IoT devices, automotive, small cell base stations, and more.

Wireless Charging



Smartphone Qi Tx Unit





Application:             Smartphone Tx Charger

Function:                 Qi Tx

Input Voltage:          5 V

Power connector:    USB-C

Charging Power:     40 W

Dimensions:            W 65 x D 90 x H 110 mm




Product and Supply Features:

Wireless charging unit product customizable as in-box smartphone charger for OEMs or for aftermarket.

Complete unit with hardware and software and customized according to requirements.

Active cooling.

Includes Foreign Object Detection.

Can be supplied with mains cable.

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