To establish a clean, self-discipline, diligent and efficient management team and employee team, promote the company's honest operation, and establish a good social image, Sunway Communication is committed to establishing healthy and transparent business relationships with partners. Therefore, it is required that all suppliers, partners, and information maintenance employees strictly comply with the following regulations:

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    1、 Prohibit partners bribing Sunway employees and their relatives, or providing them with improper benefits such as banquets, loans, tourism, etc. It is strictly prohibited for Xinwei employees and their relatives to receive money and gifts from cooperating units, including but not limited to cash red envelopes, banquets, samples, securities, high-end items, shopping cards, transportation, etc;

    2、 It is strictly prohibited for company personnel to bribe customers in any form. Include gifts in the form of cash, securities and payment vouchers, communication equipment, transportation, non low value cultural goods and other valuable items, tourism, high consumption entertainment, etc.

    3、It is strictly prohibited to intervene or favor artificially for personal interests in the bidding, selection, introduction, implementation, acceptance, payment, release and other stages

    4、Employees are strictly prohibited from investing in enterprises with business relations with Sunway, holding senior management responsibilities as directors and supervisors, holding sensitive positions in sales and procurement, or being actual controllers;

    5、Except for the second tier suppliers officially designated by the company, it is strictly prohibited for any individual to designate a second tier supplier;

    6、Suppliers should actively cooperate with Sunway's integrity investigation and inspection, and actively report any unreasonable demands or illegal behaviors of Sunway employees to the Sunway Audit Department;

    7、It is strictly prohibited for employees to engage in commercial competition with the company, including but not limited to establishing or participating in enterprises that compete with the company, or using company resources to privately accept company customer orders in the name of individuals or others.

  • Sunway has always adhered to a zero tolerance attitude. Once the above-mentioned behavior is discovered, the supplier will be blacklisted and will never cooperate with it. All employees involved, regardless of their position, will be strictly punished or their labor contracts will be terminated in accordance with the management system. Those with serious circumstances will be transferred to judicial authorities for legal responsibility in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.