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Newcomer Integration Plan

At Sunway, we want all of our employees to feel they contribute at their fullest capacity and to help develop their capabilities in line with personal and company objectives. As such, for those committed, we are glad to invest in a mutually benefitting development, for you, for Sunway and for the community as a whole. In addition to individual developments, below is an overview of some of the standard developmental programs we have and are continuously offering.


Stars of the Future 

This program is part of our campus recruitment process. It is a one year development program including class room training, production line work practice, cross-department job rotation etc. The target is to lay a solid foundation of understanding for Sunway for future development within the group.


New Managers 

This program targets newly appointed managers in Sunway, who will undergo a two month training to help develop their managerial ability. This will foster a spirit of growth and personal self fulfilment and improve team collaboration.


New Director

For newly promoted directors, a 2-month regular training is developed to improve the management ability, so that they can quickly complete the role change and manage the team to make achievements.


Induction Training

For new employees, a complete induction training system has been designed, which covers many aspects such as company culture, salary and benefits, career development, process system, management system, etc.


BU Managers

For middle and senior managers of BU, help them identify their weaknesses, improve their management ability and execution, and help them change their behavior.


Production Line Team Leaders

A series of courses, such as role cognition, communication and coordination, exception handling, and lean production, are developed for the front-line team leaders to help them better manage the team.


English Training

For employees who need to communicate with customers, a series of scenario based training is designed to help them improve English level, in order to serve customers better.