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New Year Speech – Wilson Wu




We no say farewell to the past successful year and say hello to a new year 2017. At this time at the very beginning of the year, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and wishes to all those who have worked hard and made contributions towards the growth of the company. My most sincere greetings to you and my deepest respect for you.


Great achievements were made in the past year. 2017 marked the most significant year in the development history of Sunway. A number of new units have been established, including our Japanese subsidiary and the Business Units of Precision Connectors and Wireless Charging. Together with the successful commencement of Sunway in Jiangsu Science Park, we have substantially strengthened the deployment of Sunway Communication. Also during last year, the Sunway Communication Central Research Institute was founded. We also successfully established Guangdong’s first 5G laboratory. Including last year, Sunway Communication has sustained YoY and QoQ growth for 15 quarters with its core values of “customer satisfaction, result-orientation, courage to assume responsibilities and pursuit of duties and perfection”. It was ranked the first among over 3,000 listed companies and won two awards - “Best Listed Company 2017” and “Best Listed Company in Communications and Electronics 2017”. We have thoroughly developed our RF and audio technologies, expanded our scope of businesses by adding wireless charging, RF connectors and isolators, audio and RF modules and RF front-end devices in addition to our antenna products. The continuous enrichment of our product lines is making Sunway the world’s first-class one-stop solution provider in RF and audio technologies.


More achievements are expected in the coming year. Resetting the starting point, we will work hand in hand to deliver the targets and implement the 2018 plan. Thanks to the rapid development of the nascent 5G communication technology and the growth of big data based AI, our business prospects are very promising with limitless development opportunities. We will leverage these opportunities by implementing our plans, attracting skilled professionals and reinforcing innovation as quickly as possible. We also fully realize that we are going to be faced with more and new difficulties and challenges in the coming year, while at the same time a market full of challenges also contains new potentials and opportunities. We firmly believe that as long as all of us act jointly, seek development through concerted efforts and move forward in co-operation, we are sure to make new great achievements in the coming 2018!

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