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Sunway Wins Technology Project


Changzhou, China - (Aug. 28th, 2020) After 3 months of intense discussions, reviews and contests, Sunway Communication Jiangsu was awarded the "5G Mid and High Frequency Communication massive MIMO Antenna Project", thanks to its proven technologies, design, and measurement capabilities. The project is sponsored by the provincial Industrial Department as a means to encourage long term investments in future technologies. The project is led by the General Manager of Sunway Communication Jiangsu, and supported by Sunway’s Central Research Institute.  


Computer Simulation of 5G Antenna

This project is dedicated to the research of fundamental technologies for 5G millimeter-wave MIMO array antenna systems. Based on LCP, ceramic and other new material technologies, the project aims to support the realization of development and production capabilities for millimeter-wave array antennas and integrated modules.

This is the first major provincial-level scientific research project successfully declared by Sunway Communication Jiangsu. The successful conclusion reflects the recognition of the R&D strengths of Sunway and will help to accelerate the construction of the local branch of Sunway’s Central Research Institute.

About Sunway Communication

Sunway Communication is a world leading provider of RF connectivity related and other performance-critical components and modules. The company involves in all stages of the product value chain: research, development, sales and manufacturing. The parent company, Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd, was established on April 27, 2006 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2010 (stock code: 300136). The main products of Sunway are Antennas, Wireless Charging modules and Soft Magnetic Materials, RF front-end components, EMC/EMI solutions, Cables and Connectors, Audio/RF modules and more.


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