RF Connectivity Solutions and More

Wireless charging (WPT) has become a desired feature, and Sunway has grown to become a dominant supplier. Most of our products are customized to meet specific performance requirements for smartphones, smart watches, tablets, trackers, IoT devices, automotive, small cell base stations, and more. Below are examples of products that can be customized using Sunway capabilities.

Magnetic Materials


Magnetic Materials




NiZn, MnZn ferrite

Thickness of the soft magnetic: 0.06~0.3mm

Thickness of the hard magnetic: 0.5~10mm



Product and Supply Features:

NiZn, MnZn ferrite

Material permeability of the soft magnetic: 100~800

Material permeability of the hard magnetic: 100~4000

Core loss<5

Also customize specific performance products based on performance needs;

And customize special structural products according to requirements, can do 3D structural products as well;

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